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Many people feel ashamed and embarrassed when their finances get away from them. They feel that they are at fault and should have been more cautious financially. Nothing could be less true. Good people find themselves in difficult situations. It is just part of life. Bankruptcy is an option because we know that — and our lawmakers are aware that everyone deserves a second chance at a solid future.

Get Back On Track!

At the Law Office of Scott D. Olsen, we understand what you are feeling and we want you to know that we have helped many individuals just like you create a fresh start to their lives. Did you know that divorce and unexpected medical bills are the two biggest reasons that people file for bankruptcy? The majority of people who file do so because circumstances beyond their control led to their financial struggles. I Can Prov ide Immediate Relief For You And Your Family

As you can see, most bankruptcy occurs because of unexpected family events. Creditors calling and demanding immediate payment can cause added stress for you and your loved ones. Once bankruptcy is filed, however, all contact between you and a creditor must stop immediately. Any further contact from them is against the law, and could result in penalties against them.

At the Law Office of Scott D. Olsen, we can examine your situation, determine whether you qualify for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 relief, and stop creditor harassment within days. Family Law And Divorce Attorney Serving Canoga Park As mentioned above, one of the main reasons individual or couple file bankruptcy is because of divorce. At the Law Office of Scott D. Olsen, we understand this and can work with you on both your divorce and your bankruptcy, so that you can begin again with a clean slate.