Divorce and Family Law

When you are considering a divorce, there are a number of issues which will need to be resolved including property division and division of debts. When the couple has children there will also have to be discussions that involve custody, support and visitation. This is one reason it is important to hire a San Fernando Valley divorce attorney to serve as an advocate and to help you through the divorce process.

How a San Fernando Valley family law attorney can help

The issues surrounding a divorce can create a significant amount of tension between the divorcing spouses. When you have an attorney working as your advocate, we provide a buffer between you and your spouse and are often able to negotiate between attorneys avoiding some hostility. Attorney Scott D. Olsen has handled hundreds of divorces and understands that it is natural for there to be disagreements on a number of issues. Some of the matters that we can assist with include:

  • Orders of protection – when one partner fears their partner will become aggressive and intimidating towards the partner or their children
  • Juvenile dependency actions – when you feel that your child may be abused or neglected by your spouse we can help resolve these issues so that the child’s interests are protected
  • Child support/alimony – these issues are typically some of the most contentious in a divorce proceeding. We will serve as an aggressive but caring advocate in these matters
  • Custody/visitation – when partners agree on custody and visitation matters, the process is far easier on everyone. However, when disagreements arise we can help resolve these matters to ensure the best interest of the children are taken into consideration
  • Debt and asset division – as a bankruptcy lawyer, Attorney Scott D. Olsen understands the long-term ramifications of debt after divorce. We’ll work hard to ensure a fair division based on your financial stability

Filing for divorce is never easy and there are always a number of issues that must be resolved. Typically, the longer the marriage has lasted, the more issues there are. We also understand that financially divorce is difficult and depending on your situation, we can work out a flat fee or a payment arrangement so the divorce is not as difficult financially as it might otherwise be.

Whether you are considering filing for divorce or you have been served with divorce papers, contact Attorney Scott D. Olsen today for help. We are fully prepared to serve as your advocate through the entire divorce process and ensure that your interests are protected.